Weiser Family History

Weiser Family History - Records

This is a collection of records found in the archives in Darmstad, Speyer, Weinheim and Bornheim. The original record image is shown and translated below. In some cases the translation is an educated guess. Errors may have occured.

Johann Jacob Weiser Birth
Birth Johann Jacob Weiser

This is the entry in the church books for the birth of Johann Jacob Weiser. Translation:

The 1st of April a son was born to Johann Michael Weißer and Anna Barbara, his wedded housewife. On the 5th he was baptised. Godparents were Johann Jacob Machwirth und Anna Barbara, his wedded housewife gave the child the christian name Johann Jacob.

Johann Philipp Weiser Birth
Birthrecord Johann Philipp Weiser

This is the entry in the church books for the birth of Johann Philipp Weiser. The translation is:

(column 1:) "=" (meaning that it is still the year 1782, which was entered 4 rows above)
(column 2:) May
(column 3:) 12th (birth)/20th (baptism)
(column 4:) Johann Philipp
(column 5:) Jacob Weiser from Oberwiesen ...Anna Barbara. Note: concubuire ante copularem
(column 6:) Johann Philipp Weiser, ...Oberwiesen...

Maria Magdalena Grümber's Birt
Birth Maria Magdalena Grümber

This is the entry in the church books for the birth of Maria Magdalena Grümber. Translation:

(column 1:) 24th (birth) 26th (baptised)
(column 2:) Maria Magdalena
(column 3:) -- blank -- (here is where the family name was to be entered)
(column 4:) Elisabetha Margaretha, daughter of Johannes Lahr allows an illegitimate child to be baptized and given to the father
(column 5:) Maria Magdalena Lahr the sister of the mother of the child

Johann Philipp Weiser and Maria Magdalena Grümber Wedding
Mariage Johann Philipp and Maria Magdalena Weise

This an excerpt of the entry in the state marriage records of Weinheim. Translation:

the 30th of June -- in the year one thousand eight hundred and nineteen before me [name of official]...
public official of the community of Weinheim Canton of Alzey have appeared: Johann Philipp Weiser, 37 years old, farmer, resident of Weinheim, born in Erbes-Büdesheim on May 12th 1782....son of Jacob Weiser and Barbara Emt
residents of Oberwiesen...
and ...Magdalena Grümber, 17 years old from Weinheim, where she was born the 24th of September 1802... the under age daughter of Elisabetha Margaretha Lahr ...resident of Weinheim...

Johann Jacob Weiser Death
Death of Johann Jacob Weiser

This is the entry in the church books for the death of Johann Jacob Weiser. Translation:

Today, the 17th of April 1839 Jakob Weiser, farmer, protestant, resident of Oberwiesen, 78 years and 14 days old, husband of Barbara born Emt, who is likewise protestant died. He was burried n the cemetary in Oberwiesen. He was burried right away because he had orded this before his death....